Synthetik and Synthetik Legion Rising

As far as I understand, these two are the same game as Legion Rising was just an update for Synthetik. There’s two different requests for either game with 425 and 450 requests each. I don’t know if there are SUPPOSED to be two different requests, but the game would have 900+ requests if they’re supposed to be together instead of splitting the requests in half. I’d say that’s pretty important to put them together where they should be.

One of the votes is for the Steam version of the game and the other is for the GOG version of the game.


Because they are from different stores they’ll require their own unique trainers. However, the Steam trainer could probably have its name updated to Synthetik: Legion Rising like the GOG version, which seems to be the root of this confusion. :slight_smile:
(ahem @Instinct :stuck_out_tongue: )

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