System freezes after using infinity

After I run a game using Infinity and load the cheats, it runs okay for a while then my system just freezes completely. This started after the last time infinity was updated. Sorry i don’t remember the date but it did not start immediately after the update, but abruptly a few days later. Before that it was working just fine. This is happening for all games. My system runs perfectly when I run games directly and it also works when infinity is running by itself without running any games . Please help!!!

What antivirus do you use?

And which game does it happen on?

@STN Avast Internet security.
Dying light, Skyrim Special edition, Mad Max, Fallout 4, Spellforce 3. I haven’t tried any other game. Since so many games exhibited the same problem I assumed that Infinity is problematic.

Avast and Infinity dont play to well together.
Could you try to add Infinity to your exceptions in Avast?

@MrPrecise I’ll let you know if it works. Thanks

Also disable it

@STN @MrPrecise Didn’t work. I ordered a new SSD. I will reinstall Windows. I was planning to upgrade to Windows 10 anyway (Currently Windows 7 Ultimate). Hopefully that will solve my problem. I’ll let you know if it works. Thank you both.

This is really strange though, i don’t know why your system would freeze from infinity (infinity does nothing system related).

I’ll tag @frank , maybe he has some clue

@STN @MrPrecise @frank So it took me a while to execute my plan of reinstalling Windows. After I reinstalled the games and ran Infinity it worked just fine. Any idea what the problem could have been??

Could be many things. But if you reinstalled it may be some settings of yours.
Or maybe you havent installed a antivirus yet. And it was that who broke it for you last time.

Pretty much impossible to say when you reinstalled because we didnt come to a conclusion earlier.

Some conflicting application

would malwarebytes cause the same issue? I am not using the real-time protection(too cheap to afford premium) and have no other antimalware/antivirus installed. I am having a similar issue, even with windows 10.

There were some people saying malwarebytes conflicted with infinity