System link & Split screen for Black Ops?

The question is how do I get this to work?

Right now we have two Xbox 360, two Black Ops games, two tv’s, and four controllers, and four players. Have my daughter, her step brother, her half brother, and myself. We’d like to do teams so the youngest one can’t screen watch. He doesn’t need any more advantage than his awesome skills. LoL.

I thought i could use a Cat5 RJ-45 cable between the two Xbox 360’s but when trying to system link they won’t see each other. Some friends recommended a switch hub so I got one of those and another Cat5 cable. Hooked Xbox 360’s to the switch, plugged it in and same result.

Is Black Ops able to be used like this?

Thanx anyone who has suggestions.

Is a router required? Each Xbox 360 Cat5 plugs into the router, then it should work?

Having trouble finding a thread related to this topic.

This is the cable I’m using. Is this correct to use?

You don’t have to use a router, you should just be able to connect them directly with 1 cable. Or if you do have a router, you can connect both Xbox’s to the router with one more cable.

As to why the Xbox’s don’t see each other, the first thing you should do is make sure that both of the Xbox’s have the same title update for the game.

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Title update. Ok thanx. I’ll search that out. Not sure what that means.

If there is an issue that needs to be fixed, or something that needs to be added to a game, the game developers would release a title update. If you are connected to Xbox LIVE, and you put Black Ops in, it will make you download the latest update; if it doesn’t, that means you already have it. Just connect Xbox #1 to Xbox LIVE, insert Black Ops, download the latest update, and then repeat the same thing for Xbox #2.

An alternative method to installing the latest update is inserting them manually into both hard drives. To download the update, click here. Then, open a hard drive in Horizon, insert the title update, and then repeat the same thing for the second hard drive.

Ah ok. I will try that. I took my xbox to my daughter’s house. They don’t have Xbox Live there. So maybe that’s what the prob is.


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Still not having any luck joining these 360’s together on system link. Updated both consoles and the game updates yessterday. Restarted both several times after all updates while hooked together with Cat5.

Also tried hooking both 360’s through a 5-port switch with no luck. Anyone have more ideas what I need to do?

Do the 360’s need to have the same IP address?

Would a crossover cable work instead of Cat5? I’ve read about some people needing a crossover cable. Not sure what their use was though.

If you are connecting both of the Xbox’s to the same router, make sure they both use a different IP Address to connect to the router, they can’t have the same one.

I’m not sure what that’s about. I can’t think of any solution to your problem. :anguished: