Taken king dlc for xbox 360

does anyone have access to the Taken King dlc that i can get a copy of or is that even possible? if so just hit me up!

Wish I knew. It’s said coming soon for pre-order for over a month now and still no word on being able to pre-order the $39.99 TTK dlc, even though you can for next gen consoles.

My guess is that we’ll be able to download it via the 360 dashboard on release day. We just won’t be able to get the pre-order bonuses. It’s pretty lame.

I Agree, They should give the Pre-order bonuses to people who buy on release date, Since there is no way to acquire them unless you pre order the legendary edition or the CE.

Sorry this is not even possible as Destiny DLC is server side, simply having the update file wont give you access plus DLC is both profile and console locked on the 360 on most occasions.

I sure hope so man. I’ve been trying to pre-order for a couple months now. It’s really frustrating that they still haven’t addressed it.

Just an update:

I’m on Xbox 360 and I can’t seem to preorder the standard edition of TTK. HALP?
Xbox 360 does not support preordering of add-ons. You will be able to buy it when it releases and the assumption is that you’ll receive the preorder bonuses, no sweat.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/3kyayz/ttk_questions_megathread_part_ii_etheric/

ok all well ty for the info i guess i will just have to go buy it ! when i get the cash that is!

DLC is amazeballs so far