Taking Trainers for Granted

To all WeMod staff and members, I would like to take this opportunity to say That it is so EASY to take WeMod Trainers for granted because our members expect so much from the trainers and what I am really trying to say that WeMod Trainers are FANTASTIC giving your members all the great things a Trainer doe’s and it is no mean feat to develop a working Trainer, if was easy we all would be making our own that said just proves my point that WeMod trainers are such a valuable asset to us gamers, who pay a lot of money for a game WeMod allows us all to get to the FINISH LINE so our money is well spent, for all members PRO or ordinary members we are Blessed having WeMod at our Keyboard or joystick.
Finally I have been playing this last week Far Cry 5 and wowzers what a great game made even better with WeMod’s Trainers so a HUGE Thank you to all the WeMod staff who make my gaming so so enjoyable.:slight_smile:

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Yes thanks wemod is great. And that’s why I’m here too because I cant make my own trainers it’s way to easy to let the trainer devs do the work and I play !
And yes we owe a big thanks to our pro members without them not sure where we would be !

Nice ptondo, for the reply a Big Thankyou to all the Moderators and Staff I am truly impressed with WeMod.:slight_smile:

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I just started a topic on making donations without becoming a pro member. This is something I would do as I appreciate WEMOD, but not so much to become a pro-subscriber. I simply don’t game enough to validate a monthly subscription, so an option to show I appreciate the service, well, would be nice :slight_smile:
It’s about time WeMod Staffers! You guys got something here, stick with it.