Tales of Zestiria Cheats and Trainer for Steam

gotchya. have you had any problems with the game crashing because mine just did?

Game crashes when you use the unlimited AP

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Yeah, one of the cheat seem to crash the game, might be Health or AP, I’ll test it right now and update this afterward.
EDIT: Fully tested, “HP, AP, and Gauge” crashes the game. Also 100x Combo does it too.
After many tries, I found out the Trainer is not working well in general, sometimes my game crashes, even though I use “Stamina, Gald, and Items” only. They never crash the game, so the trainer will need work around.


I had Ap on and activated star ennemis. Then I turn off ap and I got a star ennemis in a fight and the game crashed

Would you be able to re-add “unlock all items”?

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im back and its definetly ap. i just hopped back on and went to check my batlle action and it says my ap is 5/0 wich mean i dont have any and i cant select and battle actions whatsoever anymore

EDIT: i restarted the game and have my ap points back.


unlimited health doesnt work. it leaves my characters with around 500 hp and if any enemy does more than that in a single hit it’s instant death.


wondering about the unlimited health, shouldn’t it make you immortal? because it is locking the hp at 630 for me and actually making the game harder


Be warned many of these cheats don’t work and in fact can break your game.

Unlimited Health gives you 630 health. but anything that does more damage then that in a single hit still kills you. So useless on any fight you would want unlimited HP for.

Unlimited AP actually sets your AP to 0. But saving turning off the game and reloading fixes that.

Unlimited Mana, or SC as the game calls it. ACTUALLY does seem to work as stated. but I’m not sure if it actually gives you unlimited or if the bar just doesn’t appear to lessen.

Unlimited gauge, Unlocks all the Battle Actions. However they are removed when you remove the cheat. But they cannot be unchecked if you turn it off.

Unlimted Gald, Sets your Gald to 999,999. STays after removing. Works as Advertised.

Unlimited Items, Sets items to 5…for all items. SEEMS to work. needs more testing.

Mega EXP. DO NOT USE!!! Makes you level 200 after next battle. But doesn’t level you up. no stat boosts, no HP, etc., etc.
((This one broke my game because i didn’t see that it made me level 200 without any increase in stats and i accidentally saved meaning my game is unplayable.))

100X Combo. Works as advertised. Each hit counts as 100 hits instead of one.

Easy Save. Have not Tested. NO IDEA what this means or does…and frankly I’m scared to try.


unlimited health need updates, it set to really low amount and it doesn’t matter when enemies damage higher than your hp, unlimited item cause out of range/bound, mega exp didn’t work

Hello everyone.
For those who are still playing with these cheats here are a few tips. Always keep the Mana cheat on so your combos won’t run out. Make full use of the Unlimited Gald cheat, which will help with maxing out shop levels, getting +10 equipment and such.
Also, keep the 100x combo on during boss fights, because if you finish them off with a Mystic Arte you’ll net at least between 800 - 2000 grade depending on the boss and difficulty level placed.
I will say that adding a One Hit Kill cheat like from Berseria would also be helpful if you just want to get faster grading and achievements faster as well.
Hope you all found this useful and please comment below for anything else.

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Fix the unlimited health cheat!

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I am having game crashes when I run into wild battles, in the internet it said it is because of cheating can someone fix it?

The cheats dont all work now. I know unlimited AP crashes my game. If someone can please look over and fix these. Thank you.