Talked to Tabby on Youtube and made her a background

Yup, I made her channel a background and she loved it.
And she’s using it. Look for my shoutout in her next video :smile:

Channel: YouTube - tabs24x7’s Channel
Hard Link:

Aww, internet lovin’

Nice background you made there really nice :smile:

background… looks like… white in down

I know, I messaged her the color code to change the background to.

Nice. You wanna make one for me? :smiley:

Yea me please :smiley:

18k subs and my one failz.

Sure why not.
Details? Theme?

Something dark? Halo Related?

heres my current one: YouTube - LegitModZ’s Channel

Who is she ? i watched this video & was like WTF ! no more…

wtf… i lolled!!

More like

She’s ****ing hot as ****ing **** holy **** I think I broke the ****ing word filter ****.

I dont think shes hot… more like retarded. No offence if u like her.

You were saying?
I don’t see what isn’t hot about her.

she is hot, hot as **** but she has something loose in her head.

I love how this thread changed topics by one post. It went from discussing the background to talking about how hot she is. She is pretty hot though.

Jailbait spoiler:

Open Me

No need.
I have teh nudes.
Jailbait you say?

So shes retared enough to share nude pics with everyone? :smirk: