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Tannenberg Trainers

All right, so here is something that I have been wondering about… Does anyone know of any Verdun or Tannenberg trainers? Both games can be played offline and with bots only, so I was somewhat surprised that no one has made them yet from what I can see.

Hello! :slight_smile:

I do not have these games myself. But I am aware that in a lot of cases, even “offline with bots” is still actually online. Meaning it’s offline in the sense you’re not playing with real people but online in the sense that you’re still connected server-side.
But as I do not have these games I cannot confirm whether that’s the case here. However, third party websites do list the genre as “multiplayer video game”.

Trainers are made here if the community votes for one to show that they want it. However, the votes are extremely low and, as far as I can see, nobody else has a trainer for the game either. It could be that the bot lobby still requires a constant internet connection or it may be that the game isn’t popular.

I just launched the games up and disconnected from the internet. The Tannenberg allowed me to continue playing against bots alone, so it might just be that the games are not popular enough. That said Verdun was more fiddly about being offline.

Sorry about the late reply.