Tapatalk is Back!

HorizonMB supports Tapatalk again! You can use Tapatalk to browse the forums more quickly and efficiently on your mobile device. If you receive a PM, are quoted in a post, or one of your subscribed topics was replied to, you will get a notification. If you want to know more about Tapatalk, click HERE.

Download Tapatalk

Enjoy :thumbsup:

Thank god, because on my tablet and phone it is terrible to browse the site!

I was just thinking about this in school a few weeks ago, glad it’s back.
Thanks Cheater!

whens community gay coming back?

Sweet, I can actually use my phone now while at work! Chrome seems to be buggy with the site, but that just might be an issue with my data… Nevertheless, glad it’s back.

I was having problems with browsing the site with my iPad, but now it will work perfectly, thanks ! :thumbsup:

Yes! Glad to see this made a comeback Cheater! This is perfect for me being a full time student trying to find gaming news!

I know this thread has some dust on it lol. Thought I would say that having the site available on Tapatalk is a great addition, easier to navigate while not sitting at the PC.