Target Australia removes GTA V from stores after petition

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I hate feminists.

And I hate Nicole, Claire and Kat.

Too frustrated cuz no one wants them, so they play the “violence against women”-card.

You can kill men too, Not just women, They’d wanna **** off trying to get games banned, It’s like saying when i’m done playing, I’m gunna beat my girlfriend cause i done it on gta!!

Let me explain this 2 u m8:

Violence against women(fictional)= worse than 9/11
Violence against men (fictional)= meh, perfectly fine

Feminazis4president (would be Fun to watch)

Lets start a petition on violence against men in call of duty m8

Australians will get their GTA V fix, it’s called buy it online. Target loses Players win

I personally don’t know anybody that buys games from Target, everyone I know gets their games from jb, eb or online. It’s Targets loss fr sure, I just can’t believe they and removed it.

Personally i buy online or from JB. EB are always expensive and if i buy there i get them to price match another store. No one likes buying from target anyway

I saw this on imgur…lol

Lol 48,000 signatures, and they don’t even stock the bible.

Edited since I missed an above post:

Lets remove everything that shows any form of violence against women (because women are obviously the superior sex since men dying is just fine).
I mean really, if GTA is that violent then so would be many other things.

They now have 61,000 people! This might pass…

Wonder what they will do with the remaining copies of gta 5… Would be a huge waste just to destroy/throw them away…