TDU 2 Modded GameSave/Licences

Mods are Unlimited money (999,999,999)
All Driver Licences/ plus more
Game Save is Right at the beginning of the game,Rehash all saves in Horizon, Because modio seems to break the files, MUST use all saves below for it to work, Enjoy!

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can you just use the Licences on it’s own???
edit you can and it worked thanks

Wanna write down a short tut…

When you apply this save does it have roads discovered and races completed ?

No this is just a save maxed out with everything but at the very beginning of the game,so you have to find everything still.

Use the mod tool Test Drive Unlimited 2 Editor

This game is so easy to mod i loled when i tried to hex the money and i made it at the first try LMAO

lol no kidding it was one of the easiest games to mod.

Even when modding this game its still very boring and the game feels like its not been finished so crappy graphics

Does this have discovery in all areas? I’d like to be able to max out my cars to level 4 upgrades. Is this possible in this save?

yes it does, like i said everything is unlocked

On topic: thanks man!

Off topic : i gave you your 100th thanks!!


Hey am I doing something wrong I cant get it to load the lic save when I try it says save game cant load not corrupt I only need the all license since I cant get last 2 driving me crazy and I dont know how to hex edit ive been trying to figure out but no clue what so ever

What is the best way to get Licences and Playersave to work?

Extract my own save? And then?

I tried editing my own save but i cant get it to work…

A short TUTORIAL could be nice…

I got Horizon and TDU 2 Save Editor and some other program (i forgot the name) something with GUI in the name :smile:

Please don’t bump old threads.
But Atari released an update which may have patched these mods. Actually, im sure it did. If you didnt get in early you missed out :frowning:

Why would you give people a virus?


Lol get a better anti virus and its a false positive its common with editors and things alike :confused:

AVG is fine. How would you know its a false? How do you know he didn’t bind a bot and didn’t crypt it?

Old? Its was under 1 month old and still on page 1…

But it is really patched up?

Because thats my old account and the editor was made by slyfuldragon who is known for making excellent editors i dont think he would ever infect his work and neither would i thats how i know