Tekken tag tournament 2 DLC 100%

Hey guys ive downloaded the 100% gamesave+DLC to my flash drive and transfred it to my Xbox360 and its working great, but when im creating a few characters and saving them…the game starts to go crazy!! the screen freezes after a character creation(when i save thumbnail) stuck after a battle ends etc’…
the problem only shows after i create a character!!

what can i do guys? what is the problem??? plz help…

did you find a solution yet cause im having the same problem

It’s been 5 years. I assume they’ve probably moved on from TTT and probably 360 as well. Not to mention that their only post ever is this one and they’ve never been active since.

But on another not, welcome to WeMod! If you have an issue or question start a new topic next time if the topic you’re viewing is over say 45 days old. When it’s years old there’s no reason to post in it.

@ptondo Lock it up…

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ight sir , im sorry i din’t check the dates

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