Tenure Modding, anyone ever not been banned?

I have researched this mod. It looks like 99% of those whom use it get banned. Some post says within a day some even after a couple of months. MY question is, has there been anyone who has never been banned from modding tenure. If so what do you think you did to remain under the radar? Did you move it a few numbers? Did you already have a certain number and just moved it up? Anything will help Thank you.

Nope. Have fun in bansville


It’s detectable , you will be banned

Which is why it should be removed.

When you least expect it…
Don’t go being a Silly Billy as this function serves no purpose other than to get you banned.
I agree totally with “Smiffy” this needs to be removed

iv done it loads of times on the same account never gets banned but it reverts back to what it should be after a week or so

prob should say i have only ever added one year to my legit