Terra Invicta Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Hi, thanks for the awesome trainer. Can you please update it? and there is a small bug, in the Stats section, [Sel. Nation] Chose Priority Points, moving drop-down option Next and Previous both have the same key assigned, CTRL + NUMPAD 8; where it should’ve been only NUMPAD 8 for chosing Next. Thanks again for the awesome trainer. :slight_smile:

they release the Xbox Version of the game. Are you going to release cheat for that as well?


You can edit keybinds by clicking on the keybind box and set them to something else.

Major patch 13 is out. May you update this trainer? @GreenHouse

Hi! Are you having issues with the trainers after the patch? If so, can you tell us exactly what didn’t work?

When using any stat mods, the game crashes. I’ve tried using them one at a time and letting the game catch up rather than dumping a lot of stuff at one time, but it still crashes either way.

Here is an update. The team has tested the mods specifically for changing the stats of the country and councilor, and all are working as intended. However, when setting values, you must exit and re-enter the stat window after setting them. There were also no crashes during testing. I suggest you try to launch the game first instead of launching your game in WeMod.

When I try to activate these mods, it gives me a message saying “These mods may not work with your game version. Do you want to test them out anyway?” If I click yes, it just says “loading mods” forever, but never loads. I’m playing the latest version of the game on Steam.