Terraria Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Thank you!

When the unlimited health cheat is used mobs stop spawning. You can’t even fight the bosses when summoned. They disappear as soon as they spawn.

anyway to use with Tmod?

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This is because for some reason “Unlimited Health” makes you invisible, both to NPC/Mobs and even other players. They can still see all of your actions and particle effects, but not you. Maybe Mr. AntiFun can find out why it’s doing that and separate them into 2 cheats. One for Invisibility and one for Infinite Health.

Will this be updated Sir? Please and thank you!

do these work?

this trainer is still completely functional, just a heads-up though don’t try to use a teleporter with unlimited health on, it wont crash your game or anything but it also wont work, I spent a good hour trying to figure out why my teleporter wouldn’t work just to find that it was not the fault of my shoddy craftsmanship and instead my grievances were caused by the very thing created to destroy them, it’s no big deal though. thanks again MrAntiFun for your brilliant trainers.

Hello everyone.

Is it possible to put it available on the Xbox GamePass?


it would be nice to have some more cheats like super build speed, unlimited build reach, unlimited potion effects, debuff immunity, stuff like that.

Wemod is a PC application, it isn’t supported on consoles to my knowledge.

I turn invisible to my friends whenever I use a cheat.

Probably because you aren’t meant to cheat in a multiplayer game?

We need these updated none of them work anymore.

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Xbox gamepass is on pc mate.
Wemod have a full library of modded games for gamepass (a lot of the games have trainers not only for steam but also gamepass).

is there any chance we could please get an update to this please? thanks!

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has* and your reply had nothing to do with my comment. wrong comment?
and I know this information already. I use Xbox on my PC and wemod for the games it has trainers for.

Terraria needs a slow fall code

spawn item cheat

Update it please!

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