Terraria trainer?

Would it be possible to make a trainer for terraria I’ve been wondering about Tis for a couple of days I’m not saying make one I’m just wondering would terraria work with infinite

Is there anything special about terreria that would make it not work with infinity? If it is online only like Minecraft then yeah won’t work otherwise it should be fine.

It does have multiplayer and singles player but I don’t think there would be anything stopping it to work with infinite I’m not 100% sure, it being with steam would that make a difference

Think it shouldnt be that hard to make a trainer.
This game is 2D Mincraft basicly and you can both be played with friends and alone.

A Terraria trainer would be fun to use. There is a save editor for the game though, if you’re interested. Pretty useful for spending a day building stuff, rather than fighting bosses.