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TerraTech Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Notes are viewed by pressing the (i) button on the right side of the cheat button.


Can i request for an Infinite Energy?


What is energy in this game ?? :S


i guess you hardly play the game to understand energy. it’s for the battery, to the repairer and shield.


I don`t understand how ?


Enable debug mode then press f1, if the game gui disappear then it means debug mode is enabled.

If you’re like what the ?? then blame the game devs, that’s their way of enabling debug mode.


I’m fine with debug mode. but without the infinite energy like the previous Cheathappens trainer version and without god mode, not really enjoyable… well, different trainers do different things, not really complaining that your trainer is bad. In fact, I can use yours with Cheathappens trainer, which is a plus, so I’m happy.


You have friends of everyone and disable AI. Makes an unlimited health cheat useless


I can only get friend of everyone and disable Al (although it doesn’t work on missions) can someone help me to get the others working


the unlimited money hack does not work


Enable debug mode first


Hi there Devs, ever since the update, The only two working cheats (for me, at least) are Friend of Everyone and Disable AI. I’ve never been able to get Unlimited Money to work, no matter what I do or how many times I activate debug mode. That’s not the issue though, Since the before-mentioned update, Enabling debug mode does not work (at the same time as f5 started opening up the invite menu in steam). This means no Skipping days, no XP, no giving money, nothing except the first two cheats. Please update the menu to account for this, It’s almost not worth cheating in the game anymore because of this one update


Hi there, I’d like to bring some attention to the state of the Terratech Mods, which since the update of, have been messed up completely. The Disable AI and Friend of Everyone cheats still work, but enabling debug mode is broken, which means no XP cheats, no money cheats, no day skipping, no invader information, no Unit Spawning. Basically this one update has eliminated 80% of the working cheats. I’d love it dearly if the devs could do something about this :slight_smile:


Debug mode is broken…


i think you guys should add exp stuff for hawkey


Glad I’m not the only one having this issue


And Deathcraftian20, I agree, hawkeye has been in the mix for so long I think it’s about time they added it


can you maybe add hawkeye, and make disable ai affect mission based enemies(last time i tried using the cheat, mission spawned ai was still on)


agreed, hawkeye has been in the game for a long time and i’m even surprised that they have not added it yet. :confused:


WeMod, we love you, we truly do, I know the second I downloaded your app it made everything cheating related a thousand times easier, even added cheats into games which I didn’t think were ever going to be hacked. But Please reply at least, It’s been around two weeks since I posted and just a post in response acknowledging what’s happening would be so appreciated. Hope to hear from you :slight_smile: