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TerraTech Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I’ll update it soon


new hawkeye hack finaly! :smiley:


Update (Sorry for posting a lot, I like this game) the unlimited money hack crashes the game immediately and tells me to restart terratech because of a fatal error


were is my hawkeye xp


Like I said, I love WeMod, but I think “soon” has passed at this point at a month later. Can we have an update please? Two of the mods work, but debug mode doesn’t work which leaves almost every mod useless.


Don’t worry, it will be fixed soon.


^ soob


does not work for the unstable version the only thing that does work is the friend of everyone


Well it most likely never will work for the “unstable” version which I guess you mean the beta version


The cheats worked in the unstable version, Onion Ring was correct in that terminology, up until the most recent update


Infinity hasn’t gone blind. Stn was simply waiting for version guard before updating


when i start it up a second one starts from steam and overrides the first, stopping me form using the mods, how can i stop this or find a work around?


I am supposed to work on popular games.

This game is dead and no love from PRO. Perhaps you should support infinity and give it something back in return.


i have been enjoying the game and your trainers for most games and i was wondering is there gonna be a new update for the trainer supporting the current ver. ?


Well sorry but if you’re acting like a kid He’s simply going to ignore this.
STN has said many times that as soon as version guard is out he will update all his trainers. This one will be obviously on the bottom


thank you i am sorry if i seemed pushy, i dont mind not having the update since it works (most of the time) i was just asking, but thanks for clearing the reason


Can you update the game to the latest version


Update please <3


It is in my list. I will get to it eventually


Hey STN, I just wanted to apologize for being so pushy with this. When I was messaging now and again asking when you were going to update it I thought you were just putting it off a long time even though you said you’d do it soon. However, I didn’t at that time know that you were waiting for a new version of versionguard, and it now makes perfect sense as to why you wouldn’t update yet. So I’m sorry, please take your time.

That being said, I would like to agree with one of the other commentors that this game isn’t dead. Actually less then twice as many people use the trainer with Skyrim SE, less than a thousand players more use it for starbound, a few more players use it for ARK: Survival evolved. All of those games are bigger than Terratech, and yet the user amount is hardly different. My only point is that yes, maybe there are a bunch of triple A games that have way more people using the cheats, but the Indie games consistently have around the same number of users as Terratech, so please don’t think it’s dead and put it at the bottom of your list because of that.