TerraTech Worlds Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Offline mode just makes the game crash when you enter the world. Setting the world to private doesn’t work either, but it doesn’t crash if you’re not in offline mode.

When I am offline in Steam and go into the game via the mods, the game crashes immediately. Even if I start the game without mods and only activate them afterwards, the game crashes.

If I’m online in Steam and start the game with mods, I don’t have any crashes, but some mods don’t work for me.

  • Immortal
  • No Tech Limits
  • Unlimited Consumables

Try now, it shouldn’t crash anymore.

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tech reactor still increasing. now 45/100
and hope there inf money too

Yes, it no longer crashes for me in offline mode.

But now, when I play with the mods, No Tech Limits is off at 0/125 and when I switch it to on at 119/125. I think there is just something mixed up.

yea when i trun it off its make 0/0 not 0/100 and cab efficiency 0/0 then make recharge 1/s

temperature is working
consumeable not decrease is working
duplicate is working

Thanks for all the work GreenHouse, Do appreciate you for the back and to with all of this,
unlimited consumables // immortal // no tech limit are no longer working.
ive tried in private and friends only games,loading the game via the cheats first and from steam first, steam offline and on. not had any crashes at all though.

I was reluctant to make a comment here but

“Immortal” has never once worked for me.
“No tech limits” stopped working today or yesterday.
“Temperature always neutral” has worked perfectly since day 1.
“Unlimited consumables” also stopped working today or yesterday.
“Duplicate items” works fine.

I really didn’t want to pester about one thing not working but now, 3 of them are broken currently.

Playing solo. New world, or old one, problem persists on both.

I apologize for bothering.


please UPDATA

please UPDATA!!!

That’s how it’s supposed to be, even though not everyone is having the same experience. In my case, even with a legit copy, the second version of the mod didn’t work at all besides the temperature lock, so I went back to the first version and the options I wanted to use (infinite consumables and neutral temps) both worked just fine even with today’s update. I haven’t tested the other options because I want to keep some degree of challenge.

Oh, now I see it, my bad. So you’re assuming GreenHouse is using a cracked copy of the game to base his trainer on? I don’t know man… if we go by wemod’s ToS, not even the players are to be given support on cracked games; having a trainer maker do it would be quite something.

As I said previously, the Trainer is made for Offline play. I made the Trainer while Offline on Steam, and I assume that the cracked version is Offline mode only, so it’s obvious why it does also work there.
None of the Trainers on WeMod have been nor are made with cracked versions.

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ill try steam offline, i figged private was offline ,duh

my error and my apology for thinking private was as good as literally offline, everything { as you already know} works great. thanks.

i turn on immortal and still taking damage and get destroyed…
what does immortal do?

steam has to be in offline mode or it wont work

TBH, wouldnt mind ability to add BB currency.

just use cheat engine and give yourself 99000000