Terrible/Rude Customer Service!

So I approach tech support with my issue. Infinity not working with cracked games, when there is no reason for it not to considering if there are multiple game versions and it matches one of them, it should work, right?

I also pointed out how nowhere on the main pages of the site, nor the signup page when you’re about to start paying for pro (to use the remote) does Wemod tell us that it won’t work with cracked games. You’re not above cheating it seems but cracked games, OH NO!

So I created a post to ask for a refund for my subscription, and what do they do? “Chris” deletes all my posts and blocks my ability to make new posts. I had to make this new account, and I’m going to continue doing this, day in and day out until I get my money back.

“Chris” doesn’t realise that I’m on disability and I have a lot of time on my hands :slight_smile:

So please just do the right thing and help me get my money back. Don’t be jerks…

Well since he decided to lock my thread Ill add my response here. Chris is full of BS, he will use any excuse to justify his behaviours and decisions. I could find court cases that say rich kids don’t know whats right and wrong and therefore won’t be penalized for killing someone with their fancy sports car. Doesn’t make it ok. A judge set that precedence, and a judge can change it back.

Stop acting all high and mighty!!!


You never approached us with a question. You immediately threatened to crack the remote and distribute it for free since we don’t officially support cracked games. We told you multiple times you can use the cheats with cracked games but we will not go out of our way to update cheats that don’t work with cracked games. Cheating in single player breaks no laws unlike playing cracked games.

Making new accounts isn’t helping your case. Your subscription has 5 days left on it and you have used the remote multiple times since subscribing. I’ve asked Zach to reply to your email since you disagree with me. Please do not create anymore threads.

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That threat was not immediate, and NO you did NOT tell me MULTIPLE times, you told me ONCE and I told you that I wanted a refund. Stop LYING

“Cheating in single player breaks no laws”… Well, in this case it does break Ubisoft’s terms of use. Breaching these rules is a breach of contract which can end up in court.

These are from their terms of use. Please stop lying to try and make yourself look good.

-create, use and/or circulate “auto” or “macro” computer programs or other cheat programs or software applications, and/or use the Services via a mirror site;

-“bot”, “hack”, ”mod”, “trainer”, or “crack”, or otherwise attempt to circumvent any access control, copyright protection or license-enforcement mechanisms associated with or related to the Services (telling people to disable eac is a bypass of their protections.)

Stop acting all high and mighty.

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There have been multiple court rulings, like this one, that say breaking TOS is not a crime. Unless you are costing the company money or fall under a cyber hacking law there is nothing illegal about what we are doing. If it was illegal every single site, like WeMod, would be shut down by now.

Your thread no longer serves a purpose. You sent us an email and now you will need to wait for a reply.