Test Drive Unlimited 2 Car Mods?

Apparently there’s a tool to unlock cars from the disc that didn’t make it into the game like the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Does anyone know anything about this or can link me to the tool?

ferrari 458 italia!!! - Test Drive Unlimited 2 Forums

Its only on ps3

Ah right. I saw that thread on the TDU2 forum and some guy claimed he saw a ‘hacker’ on the Xbox 360 version with that car.

Yeh sure it was probably a 430 lol

Ya PS3 Only

I just saw a 458 online.

You can hex edit cars in

i’m driving around on the 458 on the xbox version right now

You wouldn’t be driving around in it if you didn’t use someones save :expressionless:

Gavin if you would like to have it on your own save PM me with the save and ill add it in for you :smile:

Yeah i got a 458 italia, Thanks to Carboy. He told me about it. I added it tonight myself.

Credit to xcall me Carboy

How do i hex edit the cars, there is a couple of really fast cars, like that lancia with pink rims

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