Test my world! Get Achievements!

Need someone with little to no achievements test my world. When you spawn in you will need to go inside the tower by the farm and head down the ladder in the middle of the bottom floor. From there just follow the signs and do what is needed to get the achievements.

Let me know if anything pops automatically…should also give you the Awards too and if everything works up to the end of the line. Should give about 24 achievements at the moment.

Achievement World

You could do this…

Hello brokaliv,
If you are unable to find someone to test the world for you why don’t you do it yourself?

Heres How:
1: Create a new account
1.5: [Optional Step, I recommend doing] Make a back up of your world
2: Open Horizon mod tool
3: Change the profile ID onto the save
4: Save Rehash & Resign
5: Go on Xbox Minecraft and login to the new account.
6: Test out the world!

As you have just created a new account, it will have 0 achievements on Minecraft. This is perfect for you to test out the world.

Hope this helps!