The app doesn't and can't detect DeadCells from the Microsoft Store

the app doesn’t see the game automatically and selecting the deadcell.exe (C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\MotionTwin.DeadCellsWin10_1.7.8.0_x64xxxxxxxxxx) file from the browse dailog tells me that i don’t have permissions to do so (it’s already runs as admin) and i can’t select it but if i drag and dropped the game will be added but i couldn’t start it abd i get an error

(the game is not a UWP it’s Win32 run as UWP )

Hello and welcome to WeMod. :slight_smile:

Did you mean Dead Cells? I’m unable to find a game called “DeadCell”.
We currently do not have a trainer for this game on WeMod for the Windows/Microsoft store version. We only have a trainer for the Steam version. It’s unlikely that the Steam trainer will work for the Windows Store version of the game due to differences in the game’s coding.

You can vote for a Windows Store trainer to be made via the WeMod desktop app. (Search for the game, select the result, click the Windows Store logo, click vote).

Be advised that Windows Store is not a very popular platform, so getting votes won’t be speedy. The game is currently 20% off on Steam until the 16th April if you can get a refund from Windows Store and buy it on Steam instead. Link:

sorry, yes i meant Dead Cells and i know the Windows Store is ($#@%#$^#$%@) but it’s the only place with regional pricing for where i live and i don’t wanna pirate an indie game.

well back to cheat engine then but even that straggle with that version of the game anyway thanks