The Ascent Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Thank you so much FLiNG. Had a blast playing this today!! So far I’ve used the inf ammo and rapid fire. So bloody hilarious to use the Riot Gun with those options on

They updated the game with a new DLC after all this time.


Trainer needs updated unlimited health also affects enemies! Thanks.


Set Game Speed crashed my game

Trainer get the game crashed (frozen) after awhile playing… need update and testing

game trainer is only stable for certain cheats

  • crashes after a while making questing impossible, especially side questing.
  • Rapidfire only accelerates this degradation of crashing from mere minutes, to mere seconds.
  • Complete overhaul update and fixing needed.

With update people’ll probably expect more cheats, so here’s some ideas:

  • ICE is Max Level
  • %100 weapon drop chance (Enemies, boxes, lockers)
  • %100 Gun Camo drop chance (Enemies, boxes, lockers)
  • %100 Augment drop chance (Enemies, boxes, lockers)
  • %100 Style Camo Drop Chance (enemies, boxes, lockers)
  • %100 armor drop chance (Enemies, Boxes, lockers)
  • With enemies they will drop their current weapon, even if it’s melee.
  • Player Defense Value slider / multiplier (Up to X200)
  • Player resistance multiplier (Up to X200 - Max Immunity)
  • All augments and weapons, armors, unlocked
  • Feature: Separation of unlimited ammo and no reload for those who want the ammo but also want to reload for SOME challenge.
  • Change to rapidfire cheat: Slider, instead of static button, with a negative and positive value, with 0 meaning no change at all.
  • Unlock all weaponry in shops (DLC weapons will also be included if you bought DLC thanks to game progression hard coding it)
  • Unlock all armors in shops (if you have bought DLC it also becomes available since it becomes hard coded into game progression)
  • Unlock all augments for grafters
  • Unlock all Gun Camos, and Armor Styles (Yes, again, DLC is included that you bought because half are hard coded into game progression.)

What do I mean by all this with hard coding into game progression?

If you bought the holiday DLC for example, weaponry, armors, and camos become unlocked in the first beginning segments of the game through the Winter DLC pack, are instantly unlocked. When you get back from your first big gig at The Grinders of dealin’ with those full chromes, you come back and the Halloween Pack, are unlocked upon game mission progression. So long as you’ve bought it, it will be with you in the game. The cheat to unlock all weaponry, armors, skins, etc. into stores, is so you can instantly buy it since you bought or downloaded the prior DLC along with any unlocking any base vanilla game content, including uniques.
You want a gun for nothing more than mere intimidation? Stranger, stranger, now THATS a weapon!
Some pretty boi or Dastardly Villain eye augments? Go for it, sport!
A minigun? As long as it’s not called Sasha, I’m sure the heavy weapons industry won’t mind.
Fully upgraded ICE? Well it’s ICE to meetchya. Heheheheh…