The best handmade world in minecraft (with download)

this has alot of stuff and they are very unique and were not generated
DOWNLOAD:World1.rar :thumbsup:

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pics? source? spam?

There ya go

it seems like you go and find others work, and post it just to get your count up or something -_-

looks like something Maxxy could do haha

Im not taking credit for this and this guy wants people to explore his world so i posted for you guys

Minecraft is stupid and lame it doesnt even have good quality whats so good about it?

This isnt to flame its my opinoin

Minecraft = insanely addictive
I love all survival games especially ones where you can build your own little base and fight off stuff. Hence why i love Minecraft and also zombies as well?

How do I get this world into Minecraft?

here ill make a tutorial on another thread then send you a pm link



adulterously wonderful

Nice work, gunna download tomorrow, and did you use the original, then add that world into the newer version, and that’s how you got to have tools and all that, or just mod it so you have unlimited of each block.

no mod just alot of time on hands