The Callisto Protocol Cheats and Trainer for Steam

if your save gets bloated up to 255mb it will not load.
even if you restart the game without cheats on,
only way to use the trainer right now is my 10 million credit walkaround (see above)


for me don’t work, not for steam version, and not for epic =(

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It practically doesn’t work for anyone.
There are many of us placed like this!
And unfortunately no one seems to care…

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Alright peeps,

posting another update

So I have completed the game plus final transmission DLC.

I do have to say that the game has some critical bugs which you causes you to not able to progress in the game. It really annoys me but somehow randomly the bugs do disappear. I even lost 9 of my saves files after I’m done with final transmission DLC.

All of these bugs seems to be noted by others from different forums so I don’t know if this is a trainer problem or the game or both.

Either way, as mentioned in previous post, I just activated everything except unlimited credits and game speed and complete the game with only baton/hammer and level 1 pistol/shotgun.

For me the game is a one and done thing. I’m playing for the story and nice graphics and the fact that I friggin bought it. Too many weird bugs and poor gameplay for me to re play.

Looking at the comments, a lot of different problems by different people, much like RNG, It’s soo random.

Time to pray to the RNGod and hope you get to play this game and be done with it just like I did.


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All Trainer Options are functioning correctly. Can you please add Unlimited GRP Power to the Trainer? Thank you in advance.

For 90% of people it doesn’t work at all! Cheats deactivate, by themselves!
I just tried again now and it doesn’t ■■■■■■■ work!
Is it possible that it can’t be fixed???

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unlimited health doesn’t seem to work… robots when they shoot me i die

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Only useful cheat that does work is “Unlimited Calisto Credits”.

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hi the ammo cheat doesn’t work, I wonder why.

are the cheats working? just noticed that there was an update a few days ago.

do I start the game with the icon of the game or do I started it on ‘‘TheCallistoProtocol-Win64-Shipping’’?

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always use the shipping in all games

every time I start the game it goes well but when I get to ‘‘consequences’’ the game starts to get so much lag, the fps goes to 30, the game sometimes start to crash but come back but in the end when I save and on the next day a load the save it doesn’t load.

do not use Callisto Protocols Unlimited credit cheat.

too bad, one of the best cheats and I can’t use it.

ok found a trainer that works, it is on the fling website, why they didn’t incorporate it into the wemod trainer i will never know

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