The Create-A-Perk Thread!

So basically, post perks you’d love to see in MW3.
Anything goes here.

My creation:
Name: Hard Hands
What it does: Reduces recoil on all weapons, even when ADS.

supa fly

jet pack 'nuff said

Uhm… Double Tap & Overkill.

My Creation:
Name: Eagle Eyes
What it does: Walking motion sensor, Black Ops motion sensor that moves with you.

Derka Derka

EFFECT: Makes you invisible to nuclear strikes

Silent killer,
Like ninja but you also get grappling hook and can climb up buildings.

Its create your own perk -_- but thats k

Name: Stacked
what it does: 2 primarys. like in cod4 or cod5.

My creation:
Name: Night Vision Goggles
What it does: Green like in Cod4, just cuz its awesome on Downpour :smiley:


Lets you Write your own Function’s


It gives you the power of an African American. (Juggernaut :wink:)

Pretty pointless perk but…

Name: Lone Wolf
What it does: No primary gun, just your secondary. I.E: Pistol. :thumbsup:

Hard Hands is a decent one, I just use the silencer to help with recoil usually.

Name: 6th Sense
What it does: The controller vibrates when someone is close

I need to re-think this one lol.

Maybe it gives you an EXP bonus?

Try Hard
Allows you to use the cheapest weapon in the game
Allows you to rage at your teammates when you did the worst.
Allows you to ***** about every gun (Including the gun your using) , death, kill, killstreak, timer countdown, and etc.

Fo real answer: honestly I just want something new and bizarre. Not the same old ****. I DO NOT want stopping powering though. I will edit when i think of something good.
Nice idea for a thread though.

perk- endgame
what it does- lets you use 1337 skillz

NOO I would be hella jumpy :laughing:

I’m likin’ the idea.

Name: Swim
What it does: When you go into water you don’t drown like in every game.

Perk-Extra Sense

affects:shows near by motion idk lol

2nd idea

Hide & Seek

Play as osama bin laden