The Creatures (Kootra) got "swatted"

I know this is a few days old, but I’d figure I’d share it anyway. Basically a 15 year old kid called police saying he shot and killed two people and held others hostage. Police checked multiple offices, put schools on lockdown, and had evacuation of The Creatures LLC office building. The kid that called in the report was later found guilty and sentenced to 25 to life in federal prison for domestic terrorism.

Anyway here’s the video of Kootra getting swatted:

Damn. I read that whoever called was trolling. He’s getting 25 to life?..

If this just happened a few days ago there is no way he has already been sentenced. Maybe a few months ago

Yeah, they don’t take terrorism lightly even if it was just a prank. I think it serves the kid right…

Yeah, but if it’s just a troll that’s his whole life GONE. I mean he shouldn’t have done it but I don’t think he should get life in prison. He def should get jail time though. He would be getting the same time as a murderer…

Idk, I’m just going off of the reports and what multiple news channels were saying about it.

Do you really think his whole life should be ruined over a “joke”?

This isn’t the first time he had done it though, and people won’t learn with soft punishments.
Wasting people’s time and money (the officers and taxpayers) deserves something more than a slap on the wrist, so yeah, his idiotic bull**** landed him in trouble and that’s one less idiot that is free.

He chose to do something that he knew was wrong, and so he made his choice the moment he called, so yes.
He wouldn’t learn (and others, too) any other way.

Jesus, I kinda feel bad for the kid. But the live streamers father was shot and injured.

I think the kid like many others these days think that online they are ‘hardcore’ and don’t think about the consequences. But in real life they are soft as ****. But 25 years to life for making a phone call. The guy that got shot will probably sue and get better. This kid is having his life ruined because of a few phone calls. I’d say sentence him to maybe 5 years.

I don’t think he should spend his entire life in jail, but he should spend a considerable amount of time in jail. Prank or not, terrorism isn’t taken lightly. The kid should of had enough common sense to realize the repercussions that would happen to him when he did that.

The article posted above was found to be fake. Pictures stolen from here:

That was interesting to watch though. Definitely freaky.

Oh dang, I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing!