The Cryptarch Will Troll No More

Due to the 1.0.2 patch that was released today the cryptarch got an upgrade.
-Specifically now legendary engrams will always produce a legendary, exotic, or upgrade materials.
-Blue engrams will always give you blue items or higher and the chance of getting a legendary has been increased.
-Also if you stored any legendary engrams in your vault or your inventory they will now become rare engrams.
-Strikes and daily heroic mission are now more rewarding

You don’t have to worry about only getting 1 legendary from 10 legendary engrams anymore.

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i must of not have gotten the update yet, because i got 3 legendary engrams today and in return got green uncommon weapons or low grade gear…oh i am EST

Engrams you got before the update are unaffected. Also, you need to get off the game for the update

And now I don’t get any purple drops LAWL!

Obviously I don’t know what you do when you play Destiny, but I’ve received a lot of them during the Lvl. 24 Strike. Plus, at the end of the Strike, you’ll get rewarded with a Cryptarch engram that could vary in class. (ex: Rare, Legendary, Exotic) Once I’ve completed the bounties that I’m able to complete I grind through that Strike playlist. (Tiger)

Funny. Because all I’ve been doing for the pasts few days in ***** out the Tiger strike playlist and all I’ve seemed to get from it was blues and a shader. Even after levelling my cryptarch about 6 times I’ve only ever got blues from the purple envelope lol. Seems like the whole game wants to troll me.