The description of gameplay modifiers

Just like to say I’m a little disappointed at the mo.
First I couldn’t use the features of the “set” game speed setting unless I went “pro”, and then I find you have to be in-game to activate it. I then discover there seems to be no obvious way to view the cheat list with the on-screen overlay…only chat/connect crap and hardware performance info(which can be better and more accurately logged using HWMonitor that doesn’t require a hardware hook that would probably cause aggro with MSI Afterburner).
And after all that, I find that there is actually no way to make the time slow down!!
The only thing you can do is speed time up!
WTF peeps, it’s all I wanted to mod with this game as I’m not a cheater on the first playthrough…and only maybe after 100%ing the game.
I would just like to make a suggestion with the “set game speed” setting as it’s a little disingenuous(unless that’s the angle).
It should be just called Time speed up if you ask me.