The Division - Police Academy glitch

  • Finish “Police Academy”.
  • Deploy an extended mobile cover like this (see picture below).
  • Walk to the beginning and restart the mission.
  • Walk back to where you deployed the extended cover and it should look like this (see picture below).
  • Phaze through the doors using the deployed extended cover.
  • Walk to the echo and activate it.
  • Complete the mission.
  • (optional) repeat.

wait they haven’t fixed this

They should of fixed it. I used to rinse this method until it got patched. At least, I thought it did.

I’m guessing the way to bypass it was to get the doors to open first then leaving a cover wall in the doorway.

This is not patched. At least not for the ps4 version. I did this with a pal yesterday and thought I would write a tutorial for you guys (not for females, this it guy stuff. Hehe.). You can also do this with a ballistic shield and a mobile cover deployed next to the doors.