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The Dwarves Cheats and Trainer for Steam


hello wemod-ers, may we have an update on this trainer, as it is now 64bit and they have recently had it on a sale. so im sure there will be an influx on people playing this. thank you for your time!

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might we get an update for this game one day?


You need to vote for one.


there is no option to as it says it is up to date, however it is not, as the game is now 64bit instead of 32.

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check the game folder if there’s a 32bit exe. If there’s use that. I doubt there will be enough people voting for this game in order to get an update anyways. But staff can add it up to voting.


Nothing I could find.


I would also like to see an update


i am having the same problem and dont know what to do


please update this to 64bit

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