The end of civilization as we know it


Shouldn’t be posting here as this is essentially a 3360rev issue but am desperate as getting zilch help as usual on their site.

To cut a long story short I had to delete a modded save on the console and then wanted to re-inject my back up of working save (not modded) onto usb and then back onto console etc etc.

The problem is that because I’ve deleted the save from usb there doesn’t seem to be a way to re-inject my old working save. The difference is that when you REPLACE an existing save, you can drill down to the save location, re-inject and confirm overwrite etc etc. However, in this case I can’t seem to access the right location using the 360rev device explorer even though there shouldn’t be a problem.

When you have a save already on usb I think it’s in content/000001 or something like that. When you don’t have a save then you can view the content folder but can’t open it to put the save in.

I hope this makes sense. I’m hoping that the usb folder structure would be the same. I can’t believe that you can’t use a tool like 360rev to inject a save, even when non exists already.

Thanks for your time.

Don’t fret. Resolved it myself.

Just use horizon? Seems like that would have solved the problem…
You can “save to device” and Horizon will automatically place the save in the right directory for teh xbox.