The Evil Within 2

I know its a brand new release and you guys are good at working on them straight away, Just wondering if anyone had started it.


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Probably just have to have patience
It’s a AAA game

yeah i am, just i know the release window is mad atm and wasn’t sure if they would do this straight away, id work on a table for my self other wise :slight_smile:

also this aint me being cocky i know ■■■■ all about tables would have just given it a go.

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Where I’m at the Damm game ain even out yet !
I know stn hates these types of games
Can only cross our fingers and wait I can’t wait to play with the trainer !

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Yeah i am on it. Should be released in a couple of hours


Any word on it? I was an hour behind when I saw the post but its been about 9 hours so just wondering if we’ll have it tonight or tomorrow?

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See that it is up! Thank you!

OK here every one

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