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The Evil Within Cheats and Trainer for Steam


This game hasn’t had an update for like a couple years!!
Wrong game this the first one


oh lol, nevermind then, thanks @ptondo


@REPPiN. Recently gotten into the evil within, but the problem that some of the people had above is still happening. Using option 2 and 3 (occasionally filling up the inventory). However, on chapter 7 it crashes immediately. It also crashes at checkpoints if I turn the mod on at later state, instead of at launch. Any fixes that you might think of? Thanks.


I got to investigate, can you send me your savegame in the meantime?


That even used to freeze on xbox 360 with a trainer on chapter 7 too
I had no problems with the trainer when i played like 2 weeks ago


@REPPiN. savefile.rar (111.1 KB)

Note* I am currently at chapter 13 and the crashing only occured in chapter 7 and 8.


I am debating whether or not to buy this before the Steam sale ends. I’ve unfortunately had several occasions now where I bought a game with an infinity trainer only to find the trainer was out of date with no plans to update in the near future. So basically I just wanna know if this trainer still works as of 1/1/18?


Yupp i just used it like 2 weeks ago and wont be any updates for the game
The trainer was made after the last game update there is no reason it should not work


Good on you. But I found out in my system is that (trainer is active) the game crashes when the “AlterEgo” (Two-Headed Monster) enemies appears or about to appear. They appear in chapter 7 and 14.


So I gave another try with the trainer, now that I got a GTX 1080Ti, and still drops the FPS. It keep varying between 40-46 even by doing nothing. =P


Is it only that game.

Long time since ive tested that but i got the same GPU.
Cant remember i had that problem.


So idk if anyone is still gonna do anything about it but I recently got to ch.7 and of course the typical crash issue happens. Has anyone figured this out yet? will upload save.SLOT0 - (682.9 KB)


My guess would have to be no. Been like that since xbox 360. Using a trainer on 360 did the same thing and was never fixed either


does these codes work with DLC or just main game?


Hi When I Play Certain Chapters Or Segments of chapters the game just shuts down i need a little help


One question: are you always able to use/access your inventory (eg. in ch.7)?


The game always freezes in Chapter 7, right after you turn off the purple gas and pass through the door.
It freezes with WeMod activated, even with all cheats turned off.
It does not freeze after a normal (WeMod-less) start.


Yes this has even froze on the xbox 360 when using a trainer too and that wqs never fixed either
Just avtivate the trainer after chapter 7


+10 ammo doesnt work


+10 ammo doesnt work