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The Forest Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Run 32bit version of the game.


Any chance you will be adding insta build to the trainer? (e.g when you place the plans for something down when you walk up to it it will instantly build as if you had all the pieces there?)

MrAntiFun included it in his was wondering if you would too


STN, this trainer’s infinite health/stamina do not work in singleplayer. Is this trainer going to be updated with the official release later next month, or is it abandoned?


Huh that is news to me. Did the game update recently?


I’m not sure. I only bought the game yesterday, but the steam page says the official release is coming soon, so i imagine any big updates will be around then


Other cheats work?


I think currently the ones that don’t work are health, stamina (possibly energy, not sure what the difference is between that and stamina), and stealth. There was a 1gig prerelease patch today, and news says there will probably be a few more before release on April 30th


it worked for me, i think it’s just fall damage that can kill you for some reason.


None of the cheats have worked for me after the update in single and multiplayer.


Run 32bit version


ive just tried running the 32 bit and I’m getting nothing from the trainer no cheats are working


Sorry i forgot to say that I was running 32bit


I’m trying to use this in the forest I run the 32 thing whatever that means but I’m not sure if its me the game or the menu itself.


i m running 32 bit and none of them are working.


i think because it is no longer closed beta. and 1.0v of the game, as of today some things have changed. @STN. i ran 32 bit and clicked played and none of them worked. i even right clicked as administrator on the 32 bit as well as wemod.


The version 1.0 probably broke the trainer the rest of the way.
Version guard coming soon thank god


version guard ?


Ya coming soon. Where you can chose what version of the game you want
And updates dont break the trainers !


ooh that is cool. thanks for explaining


Yupp infinity version 4. Should be any day now. Hopefully