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The Forest Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Guys learn to ■■■■■■■ read. Honestly.


LOL still love the other games STN did


love that appreciation lol


bruh it is so sad when I cannot go ape ■■■■ to the cannibals with my samurai without getting my stamina to drowned


I have exams, will do it after exams. Not like this game suddenly decided to fix itself and stop updating.

I suggest you guys to enable Version Guard already so the trainer will get some usage


Good Luck:+1::+1::+1:. on exams and how do we enable version guard.


it’s enabled by default


I don’t think it is. Click the big settings button goto vg tab and make sure you check enable it for all games


It was for me


I did and it is saying this trainer does not support this version of your game


Yeah it needs to be updated


what does the trainer?


Yes the trainer does




Any progress regarding the trainer update?


Updated the trainer. Everyone please enable versionguard, i am not going to update this trainer again for sometime (game is still updating constantly)


I’m using it and the cheats wont work they are on but wont work the easy kills and other thing next to it keep turning off


Read trainer notes. It’s a unity game, do something first before you activate a cheat.


ok I got it to work


sorry, what do you mean about “do something first” ? do I have to beat the crap out of the cannibal first in order for the cheats to work?