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The Forest Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Hahaha no. You need to do something related to the cheat , like pick up one of something first
Like ammo cheat wont work unless you have some. In some games as an example


Actually, get the crap beaten out of you by the cannibal first. Just kidding, simply hit him or get hit by him then enable it.

Also what ptondo said


thank you for updating the trainer for The Forest, works perfectly. and also thank you for making it compatible with the 64 bit version. :smiley:


Are you planning on adding something for the logs aswell because it is kind of annoying when you can just get everything except the logs. What i mean with that is that with all other things you only need to get one and you have an unlimited supply of that item but not with logs. I assume this is since they are not in your inventory but it would be nice if it would be possible to make the check when trying to build always to think you have all the materials.


so everything is working, BOSS!!! but for some reason every once in a while the unlimited items cheat will break and i have to restart the game to fix it. i have no idea whats causing it but itll work just fine for indiscriminate amounts of time and then just not work. restarting infinity and just stopping the cheats then reattaching doesnt work to fix it, so i have to completely restart the game to make it work which is indeed a hassle.


Hey do you think there could be a cheat in which the player does not have to go through the struggle of chopping trees dragging the logs to a building and rinse, wash, repeat when but with this cheat you could have logs instantly in your hands and there are unlimited for the player to build whatever they want in a matter of mins or secs depending on the building and the way to turn it off is the player would turn the cheat off and drop the logs or use them and you wont have the log cheat no more if you are able to do that I would appreciate that.


You just asked for the same thing twice.


yeah I thought you had to press reply to submit the comment


Oh. Well anyways. I’m sure it’s possible I have seen ingame mod menus do it.
But that said STN is currently updating all games and since this trainer doesn’t need an update AFAIK it will take some time for him to do it


And like I said in my comment “if you are able to do that I would appreciate that.”.


Just wanted to give you an headsup.
For now you could use the modapi which does it. I don’t know if it was updated for the newest version of the game yet but I think it was.

If you download it and download the “ultimate cheat mod” You have an option in there for unlimited Logs


do you have a link for this to there website so I can get the modapi and how do you set it up?


Just pick what mods you want to have and download it.
Extract what you downloaded in a folder somewhere and open the .exe inside.
There you choose what mods to activate and just press play game.
It then starts the game and you’re good to go.
Be aware that in order for the mods to work you have to start the game trough the modapi


When i click play it is loading in but when im in the game and i go activate some cheats
it says play like i am not in the game


Run game yourself then attach infinity. Disable your antivirus and add infinity to its exception list. Spam the Play key!


Does not work with VR, will there be a way to add it. If it does with VR, it doesn’t work for me


Nope it does not work for VR.


cant craft anything while you have unlimited items on


Take unlimited items off. Shouldnt leave it on all the time any how


Could you finds a way to make logs infinite