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The Forest Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I got codes on, but their effects are not working as intended. I’m in single player trying to use them.


Hey STN, your trainers are awesome. I have the same issue as others, the trainers activate and unlimited items works, but the rest don’t. Just wondering if you have time for this game? I’m pretty sure they did an update for this game yesterday as well to version 0.65. Thanks again


Unlimited items is working… but in a bad way. You can’t combine any items cause of it, which kinda ruins your game :confused: . Unlimited Energy is also not working for me, don’t know what’s wrong with that though…


please update this cheat, now that V. 0.65 is here… if you’re still here


STN knows it needs to be updated. His to-do list is linked above,


Cheers mate.


I have a problem with the trainer, Every time i click play on the Infinity menu, it tells me that it is enabled but it doesnt show the tick instead it goes back to the play button. Any way to fix this?


Try again? If that doesn’t work, go to settings > save log and paste it here



failed to load the cheats,

After launching the game from infinity it does not stick to the game.Infinity.log (27.5 KB)


Infinity.log (23.0 KB)

Here it is… Aparently it happens to other games too like PD2, I dont know what happen.


Apparnetly infinity can’t inject the dll to game.

@frank might have a clue


@frank Can you help us :slight_smile:


so is this my problem?


Maybe, maybe not. Thats why STN tagged @frank the dev behind Infinity to find out.


Anything new with this issue?


Why is it not working???


Because the game devs are incompetent who should have chosen another profession - anything really than try to make a game. 3 years in development and they still can’t fix this game - updates every week.

But yeah, i am getting to it (i have now included the date so you can tell how many updates/trainers i’ve done since start of this month to give you an idea that the list is moving!)


The forest will load and then the cheat wont be abe to be used and i use two screen and i click play and it goes the the play goes back to normal. an idea on how to fix it or what to do …


The answer to your problem is in the post above yours


I haven’t been able to get any of the cheats to work for this, I load up the game through Infinity and try using the shortcut keys to activate cheats, nothing, they don’t activate, I tried tabbing out of the game and clicking the sliders to activate cheats and this doesn’t work either :frowning: