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The Forest Cheats and Trainer for Steam


The answer to your problem is 3 posts above yours needs updating


We are invisible :confused:


i didn’t see and thank you brother or sister


when will the games be done and how do i make a trainer for a game if i may know …


ETAs will not be given. And don’t expect to learn how to make trainers from a short reply. I am sure there are plenty of information on the google.


soon and by editing the game’s memory. Can be pretty simple or complex depending on a game, in this case google is your friend (not always though)


The The Forest cheats have been updated!


  • Stealth cheat added

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


is anyone else having the problem of not being able to load the cheat?


I’m also getting an error

so if you can help that would be great!


@STN I’m sorry but it still doesn’t work for me… Infinity.log (23.4 KB)

I’m using this for the purpose of my friends, Where i have to keep the server running without having me to die of hunger or thirst.


Run 32bit version of the game


How does one run the 32bit version of the game? does adding “-32” to the launch options in steam work?


Should be an option in steam launch ? Or there should be an exe in the game folder that launches 32bit version.


This is what I see when I attempt to run it.

I’ll search around the game files and I’ll report what I find.

EDIT: Yes, there is the 32bit version of the game in the games folder.


I tried running the 32bit version, cheats dont work unless I launch them from Infinity, and when I do launch the game from infinity it says cheats cant be launched, click help etc etc, so I got no idea how to launch the game in 32bit when I click play on infinity


Run the game yourself (32bit) then attach infinity to it by clicking Play.


Ive tryed to run it in 32bit but when i lauch infinty cant pick the game up?


Can you make it work on 64 bit? if you play on 32 bit the end of the game wont load.


It will require a trainer from scratch so sadly no. You should contact the game devs and let them know of the bug, since they update the game every second, they might finally push an update that’s useful.


How do I run the game on the 32 bit version?