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The Forest Cheats and Trainer for Steam


@SgtBulletRiot in the games folder should be an option for 32 bit or 64 bit


alright, thank you


@STN is there any way that you could update it to the 64 bit version?


It is right above your first post.


Oh, okay, thank you


maybe an instant build cheat please!


Hi the cheats are not working on it :confused: bought the game from steam about 3 hours ago runned the 32 bit version but i cant use any of the cheats any idea what’s the problem ? :confused:


Is there a checkmark next to Play?


no it plays instantly
and the cheats are on
but the game cant insert that


I can’t understand what the problem is there. You have to explain better


okay i will be simple.
i start the game . its running
i activate the cheats when the game is running
but they dont work
the only 1 that worked is the unlimited items


Oh, maybe the game had an update again. I’ll give the game devs sometime until they fix the game, game was just released last night so they might have missed some bugs in there.


They more likely will add more bugs next patch


You’re being too harsh. This early in game release, there’s bound to be some undiscovered bugs.


I still can remember me playig this game as a infant


so what can i do for making the cheats use
able? just chill and wait ? :smiley:


Yes. Or get a earlier version where the cheats still worked


oookay thanks :slight_smile:


You say to run it in 32 bit … But how? I get not option to choose.


In the game folder you’ll find the exe