"The game couldn't start. Try downloading the game again."

I decided to replay some old games and I wanted to use trainers with them. I have downloaded a trainer for each of them, but everytime I go to launch the trainer’s .xex file it takes me back to the NXE dash and displays this threads title message.

Something that I have also noticed, it is doing that same thing with all my other .xex files for games too, not just tools.

My console is on the latest dash and I’m on FSD rev775. I’m now on DashLaunch to 3.12. I’m stumped because all these tools was functioning before just. I hadn’t turned my JTAG on in a few months so I knew I had some updating to do.



Hmm, this is familiar. I’ll post back when I wake up.

Pretty sure it’s a TU version mismatch. Your trainer is most likely made for the unpatched version of the game.

Disable title updates for the game in FSD and then launch the .xex. If that doesn’t work, try enabling each TU separately, when launching the trainer.

I’m not using any title updates because FSD can’t find any. I wouldn’t have the first clue what title update to download either as the trainer didn’t state it needed one.

Can all trainers be launched from the HDD or do some have to be placed in the game’s directory?

You usually need to run the trainer from the game directory.

Well that had solved one problem then. I moved the trainer to the game directory and now it will load up the game but the trainer doesn’t function. I will have to check the media and title IDs.

If the IDs are what they should be for the trainer, but it still doesn’t work, what else could I try?

I got the Trainer to load up now but it doesnt seem to activate after you press the button combos to bring up the menu.

I had to place the trainer.loaded.xex file into the game’s directory and launch it from there, and the creator’s instructions were to press [START] + [BACK] in-game which I have been doing but nothing appears. I doesn’t require a TU as it says TU0 and I have checked the Title ID and Media ID and they seem to match my copy of the game.

Any help?

I think you may have to change the screen shot button combo on FSD as the button combo maybe the same or use XEXmenu to launch the Trainer_Loader.xex,then load the game.
It doesn’t matter where you launch the trainers from.

Even if the screen shot isn’t active?

I disabled the screenshot and put the combo to dpad left and back.
What game is the trainer for.
Upload it,if I have the game I will check it out.