The game craching with infinty

The game works very well without infinity but when I play it with infinity program it works until the character appear after the game get crashed
( there are no error message show up )

What game?

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GTA5 / Nier the same problem

any1 can help? please

Which cheats cause it to crash?

before I play and use any cheats it’s just crash when the character appears GTA V / Nier this 2 game have the seam issue

Oh. In that case, disable your antivirus and add infinity to its exception list.

I can only say that about nier since i made that.

ill tray for both games let’s hope its work

I tray when I turn off the antivirus but the same issue
This GIF for more explain

I have no clue about gta v (unknown_v2 is the author)

thanks for trying to help …
(unknown_v2 is the author) only GTA v show like this

load into story mode first before attaching infinity

I tray and it’s still not working on GTA V
thanks for trying to help me

Saints Row 4 has some protection that doesn’t play nicely with WeMod. We are working on getting that fixed but there are other projects with higher priority.