The game you picked isn't a valid installation of

Most of the games I have are cracked (I’m poor) and recently all of the games I had on Infinity (including bought) have just disappeared and I know that I can get the bought games by opening them but the other games just don’t get recognized, so do you have to buy games to use them on Infinity?

We will continue to only support purchased games. What this means is we do not guarantee the cheats will work with cracked games and the cheat creators will not update it just because they don’t work with your version. However, as long as you are using a compatible version it should work. You will need to manually select the games exe.

I am selecting them, then is it just because its outdated?

What happens when you select it?

It just says “The game you picked isn’t a valid installation of …”

I just reinstalled Infinity, I’m checking it now.

Ok, it’s okay now. Sorry to bother you.