The Horizon program No Open on my PC ¿Solution?

Hello to all the community , will see the problem that I have is that the Horizon program does not open on my PC (Windows 7) and am desperate to please if you know any solution PLEASE TELL ME

Thanks :wink:

Can you elaborate on your situation? What happens when you try to start Horizon?

Look buddy , what happens is that when I start the Horizon the only thing that happens is that the classic name Horizon is on the screen that’s it nothing else happens , please help me

Sorry if you find some inconsistencies , this is because they do not speak English , it’s all Translator :joy:

Try running Horizon as an Administrator, and see what happens. If you have anti-virus enabled, disable it when using Horizon.

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friend did what you said , but the problem persists ¿Any other ideas? :sob:

Do you have all the .net frameworks installed?

Try installing this: