The installer was unable to access the server

  • :when i click on it in download box it says “the installer was unable to access the sever. try again later.”
  • i need to download new update asap before my diamond runs out.
  • can someone please help !!! i need help ASAP

Have you tried disabling your anti-virus?

If not, do so now… and what anti-virus are you using?

Nath, his original issue was started in Pavman’s thread here:

You can download the latest updates of Horizon with or without your Diamond membership.

Try downloading it from this link here, disable your Anti-Virus and Firewall, and run the install as administrator.

As you cannot even download the installer as that’s what it sounds like, try a different browser. What browser are you using now? (I.e Chrome)

i tried using chrome instead of what im using originally (firefox)
im getting same error message. idk wat to do anymore

I am also having this problem. I already had this program downloaded to my pc with nothing different at this current this from when i originally downloaded, e.g. browser, search engine. this morning it was acting buggy so i deleted the program from the pc to redownload and now it says,The installer was unable to access the server. Please try again later. What gives? just found this in another thread. It worked perfectly. We should have somebody looking into this regardless, this sites link should work for us all, especially when we pay for such a service. We shouldn’t have to get other links for somewhere else for such a download. Hope this link helps others until our site link works for all. Happy modding : )

I know im like 4 years late, BUT THANK YOU YOUR THE BEST