The Interview

I cant even… XD I’m definitely seeing this movie when it comes out!

Other trailer:

Well this movie was banned from most theater chains (including the theater near me) because of the terrorist threat. So looks like I won’t be seeing this movie in theaters :anguished:

Not only was it banned but sony pulled the movie. They should release it as a download though anonymously saying they were hacked again.

They definitely should, I was really looking forward to seeing this movie too.

This is what I was hoping for, someone at Sony to leak it.

soo, they will hack north Korea and bomb all theaters that shows the movie?

What a waste of time and money would have loved to see it.

It will still get ‘released’. And will probably be the most pirated film of 2015. As far as I am concerned this just gives the film great publicity. And North Korea looks bad threatening to bomb or hack cinemas. #TeamRogenFranco

North Korea or an anonymous “terrorist” source said they would do something similar to 9/11 if they release the movie or show it in theaters.

It hasn’t hit any torrent sites actually.

EDIT : Just noticed the should

it will get released eventually

When I read that via Yahoo I was bummed!
…even though it looked like stupid humor, I know my friends and I would have gone to see it.
Like you said, hopefully the movie is leaked.

It will be released. just wait and see. They’re still gonna release it on DVD I’m positive.

It’s back now we can see it

Oh yeah it’s also a 10/10

why don’t u watch it for free online

It hasn’t been leaked yet.

Imdb isn’t a reliable source for critic reviews. Rotten tomatoes is and its a 44%