The Last of Us Part I Cheats and Trainer for Steam

strong textthe trainer is not working at all, it would be nice to check it!

so does the trainer work or not?

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Will this work with version 1.1.2??

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If that’s the latest version, yes.

If not, you can use previous versions of the trainer by clicking the History button on the trainer in the WeMod app.

There seems to be some sort of bug. Whenever the game plays a cutscene, or if you generally restart an encounter, your parts number goes back to 0.
Also, the melee weapon modifications do actually break, so there’s that. Wonder if there’s going to be a patch for those things.

i just started playing the game and i noticed that “infinite shivs” are not infinite when it comes to doors, i just opened a door with a shiv and i got down from 3/3 to 2/3.

Also we need an option to add points for unlocking the rewards in the extras menu, you know skins, modifications, etc.

Sometimes i think that we overestimate those mods, i just died from electrifying water in the Left Behind expansion even though i had god mode activated.

The cheats are Not working for the 1.1.3 version of the game… Can anyone help me with this???

@FLiNG Hey the cheats r Not working for the latest 1.1.3 version of the game… Plz help…

podrian actualizar los mods a la nueva version que salio por favor, gracias

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download the v1.1.1 from here, it works on v1.1.3

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