The Long Dark Cheats and Trainer for Steam

well thanks, on the last message I honestly thought it was some automated reply

i have the same problem in the Wintermute story mode as @RadioSilence03 . some mods work in survival but dont work in the story mode and i agree it has something to do with how the game operates with opening and closing again. is there a workaround? or a fix coming soon?

Figured I’d add to the pile I guess.
Unlimited weight isn’t working for Wintermute. (Only cheat I really want, so haven’t tested others)
When launched through WeMod, you get the new “launcher”, and when selecting Wintermute, WeMod detects it as the game shutting down and changes from “playing” to “play”.
Clicking play lets some cheats work like Unlimited Condition, but Unlimited Weight can not be turned back on.

The mods are now for survival. Too many people complained about it not working for survival, so the trainer was updated for survival.

Are there any plans for making them compatible with Wintermute?

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I did a quick run in survival mode and although it’s mostly working, you still get over encumbered from picking up the bags of a quartered animal.

I would be really grateful if the trainer for this game got another look. :slight_smile:

That’s because picking up the bags of a quartered animals, water and a few other items are under a different value set that can’t be changed for some reason or isn’t covered by the Infinite weight mod for a different reason.

So, you have to plan wisely

@MrAntiFun please please please, update this trainer! :slight_smile:

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Looks like the QoL update from today has broken both Infinite Items & Unlimited Stamina.

Survival Mode Steam.

For me it broke Unlimited Items and Easy Crafting.

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hmm, just tried again, to test. Stamina worked this time, but not easy crafting. (I’ve never used Easy Crafting, may have been the same last night) Infinite Items still broken.

When toggling either one on, it just makes a funny sound & toggles itself off immediately.

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Long Dark Steam Survivor and Wintertyme need work


The The Long Dark cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Thank You.
Works like a charm now.

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Really doesn’t work. Fly mode can’t be turned off making it completely useless. Unlimited weight, items and durability completely broken. I can’t believe I’m paying for this.

All mods are working fine for me. Did you purchase the game and are you playing survival? Did you follow the instructions for disabling fly mode?

You can see I’m carrying more than .7KG of weight, I have 99 of all items, and durability on items is at or above 100%.

That’s great if you only want them to work in Survival mode. What about Wintermute?

They stopped working when the game launched a separate instance. That also seems to be when they stopped trying to fix the mods for wintermute. I don’t think they are working on them anymore.

The update does not work with Wintermute. It launches the game. I go through the screens to the select which mode - servival, wintermute etc. This is where I activate the cheat and hear the noise it makes. When I click to Resume my game Wemod closes to the How would you rate smiley faces. Please upate to work with wintermute.

where are these fly mode instructions, could you link here.