The "LQP-79" Virus?

So if you have all been following all the weird stuff going on, like the guy in miami and the other one in NJ. They are saying it was the cause of a new virus called the LQP-79 Virus. I don’t know if it is true or not, or saying that zombies are real. They are saying this is what is causing these people to do this kind of stuff. Anyone have anymore information?

I can’t tell if serious.

If by “virus” you mean drugs…
The guy in Miami was supposedly on bath salts.

At least now I know how Left For Dead began.

LPQ-79 isn’t a virus. its a bacteria caused by bath salts

There is the Miami Man, NJ Man, Female who ate 3 1/2 wk old baby and Maryland man who ate his roomates brain and heart all this past wk.

the baby one was 3 years ago.

but the roommate one was just recently. like the past day

Was that reported by The Onion?

Posted 4 hours ago and over 1,000 views. People, are you really concerned about this? The solution is simple, stay away from bath salts.

Please post the source and not just a picture.

Sorry i thought i posted the source

Zombie from Miami has been confirmed as a host of LQP-79, A Deadly Virus. Is it all real? « Mike’s Anubis

I’m reading that article and everything started on 4chan.

Article is fake, it’s not a virus just a bacteria that hasn’t even been found or researched yet.

But it was bath salts, it’s like synthetic Meth.

This has to be fake, even that sight is using the screenshot of another article. Also two words have a misspell line underneath which no article ever has.

I’m sorry, but is that supposed to be funny?

LOL. If “zombies” are happening, then **** the world! Its time to kick ass.

**** prolly was a bad batch that got out like what happened wit 2C-B-FLY

but ya’ll wouldnt kno **** bout that.

So why post it? To make yourself seem like a hardass? So cool, I don’t think i should be on the same planet as you. Also, that was in 08 or 09 and was just a mislabeled product, this is a new problem caused by a bad drug. Completely different.